This is Umbler

This is Umbler

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You certainly have already read or heard the phrase: “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.” Well, I have to say that I’m afraid we have launched a little bit late. That’s because we are very proud of what we have done for this first version of the platform, but of course, we have cut off lots of desirable features which are going to be launched in the near future.

What do we do?

In summary, Umbler is an on-demand cloud hosting company built for agencies and devs. For this first version, we offer support to web apps, datastores, emails, and domains.
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Ok, so just one more hosting provider…

Not exactly! We invested a lot of effort into doing something really different from what already exists nowadays. While the current players are spreading their focus to anyone who has money, whoever they are, we concentrated all of our energy on agencies and devs needs. Everything we did so far and everything we have planned for the future was based on much research and feedback cycles from agencies and devs.

Talking about feedback

We all grasp that good feedbacks are the basis of significant enhancements in any relationship. We want to build our relationship with you as honest as possible and make it personal, for real. At this moment, we would like to count on you as part of the building process by sharing your valuable feedback to improve the platform fastly.
Nowadays there are lots of hosting companies, so why did we create Umbler? We have decided to build Umbler by believing that:

  • Agencies and devs are the chefs of the web! Some time ago, during an interview with potential users, one of them said something interesting: “You can cook your own meal, but it’s much nicer to eat something cooked by a good chef.”. The same way, an entrepreneur can build a website through Site Builder products by himself, but it’s unquestionable that the websites produce better results when built by agencies or designers.
  • We hate complexity. Some people spend lots of time doing the whole dirty job such as installing, maintaining, updating, and securing a server by guessing they can save some money. We believe we can help them keep focused by taking away all distraction and loss of time.
  • We learn further by listening than talking. That’s why we are going to develop everything along with the users.
  • We hate paying for things we don’t use. Furthermore, we don’t agree with long terms contracts commitments. That’s why we have designed our payment system to be pre-paid and on-demand. Here, you’ll never pay for something you don’t use.
  • Robots are cool! But we really hate talking to them. We believe that the best support ever is that one which isn’t needed, but we know, sometimes we need to talk to someone. That’s why we invest a lot in making our relationship personal.
  • We truly appreciate a well-designed user experience! That’s why we spent much time in the design from how it works to how it looks like. I don’t know about you, but the old-fashioned cPanel’s UI makes me sick.
  • We love koalas! Don’t you? Yeah, a little bit out of context, but we DO love them :).

How does Umbler stand out in the current web hosting scene?


For some reason, everything is getting better and better, prettier and prettier, while most hosting providers persist aground in the last decade with their antiquated cPanel offerings and its weird webmail options. We really mind about UI and UX, they’re as essential for us as they’re for web designers and agencies. That’s why we have decided to design the whole experience from the scratch to make the service as simple, friendly, and pretty as possible.

Umbler App creating a cloud

We believe that there’s an enormous gap between SaaS and IaaS to be filled. We want to fill this gap by addressing common troubles that PaaS’s users have to deal with, for example when they want to maintain a simple WordPress website working fine; at the same time, we are going to give great deployment and CI options for custom web apps which this kind of service usually offers.

To talk a little about some cool tech stuff, performance, security, and stability are that kind of things that we don’t see, but it’s probably the most crucial part of any hosting service. To address these concerns we have designed the architecture to run your web apps and databases in dedicated containers using the reliable Google Cloud’s infrastructure. In the diagram below, you can get a better idea of how it works under the hood, what is already done and what is going to be available soon.
Umbler Architecture

How does the future look like?

We are really excited about the roadmap for the future! Things like support for different runtimes and databases, and some innovations to help agencies and devs make more money are just a bit of what is planned. But, better than know that, is to make the things happen so we’d like to count on you to give us a try and to become part of the early adopters who will help to build the best cloud hosting ever!

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